10 Namibian experiences that won’t cost you your budget

Affordable or free Namibian activities that you should try.

10, February, 22

Namibia’s scenic landscapes, laidback rules & regulations and overall safety makes it a great destination for budget travel. If you’re looking for a holiday destination where activities and accommodation are both affordable and easily accessible, Namibia is the place.

Here are 10 examples of the many affordable (or free) experiences in Namibia:  


1. A sundowner in nature


Watching the sun go down while enjoying an ice-cold beer or a glass of wine is great. If you want to do it like the locals do, we recommend upgrading your sundowner by climbing a dune at Swakopmund or on a ‘koppie’ at the Spitzkoppe. This is a totally free way to get some amazing photographs to create lasting memories and enjoy the view.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

2. Beach day


Namibia’s clean & empty beaches seem to go on forever. If you’re looking for open spaces, the beach is the place to go. Another great aspect is that you can braai on many Namibian beaches! This is a game changer because it takes us from beach day to beach party. It’s is a great way to catch some sun, enjoy the open space and it will only cost you some food, drinks, SPF and fuel. However, if you do find yourself on foot in Swakopmund, the Mole / main beach is a safe and convenient in-town beach to swim at.

Shipwreck north of Swakopmund
The Mole, Swakopmund's main beach. Photo by Jam & Kaas Design Studio



A Namibian braai is an affordable holiday activity. If you don’t know how to braai, invite a Namibian! While you’re at it, be sure to get your hands on a braaibroodjie for the full experience.

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

4. Take a scenic drive


Simply driving around Namibia is an activity on it’s own. Whether you’re cruising through Damaraland, visiting Cape Cross or Goanikontes for the day, or passing some wild desert horses outside Lüderitz, you’ll be sure to enjoy the views and wildlife (for free)! Driving takes on a new meaning when the road is as vast and open as it is here – making it a really calming way to enjoy our Namibian landscapes while heading to your next destination.

Etosha National Park. Photo by Jam & Kaas Design Studio

5. Markets & Live music


Markets and live music have become very popular in Namibia. Many weekends you can enjoy some live music and local goods in Swakopmund, Windhoek and other destinations. Having a look at Facebook events in the area is probably the best way to stay updated regarding upcoming markets. Live music is also popular in restaurants and pubs like Goodfellas in Windhoek and Desert Tavern or Fachwerk in Swakopmund.


Photo by Jam & Kaas Design Studio
The Ells, talented artists based in Windhoek



Many Namibian monuments, tourist attractions and cultural sites are free to visit! If there is an entrance fee, it’s usually not steep. Some examples include the Twyfelfontein rock paintings, Etosha National Park, Kaokoland stonemen, Kolmanskop, the list goes on! If you’d like to find out about attractions in a specific area, send us a message on Facebook, Instagram or pop us a mail.

Kolmanskop, Namibia. Photo by Philipp Klausner on Unsplash

7. Train running / hiking


Moving through the Namibian bush on foot is an effective and affordable way to really experience the country’s beauty. Desert flora & fauna are sure to distract you from your workout and the fresh, clean air will leave you feeling better than ever.
Photo by Jam & Kaas Design Studio
Photo by Dorota Selma from Pixels

8. Picnic


You can combine this idea with number 7! A big tree in a riverbed, a shady area next to a boulder, a picnic table next to the road – there are endless spots for you to enjoy a snack and relax in nature.

9. Museums & galleries


Learn about Namibia’s history and culture by visiting some local museums and galleries. Many Namibian museums like the Swakopmund Museum charge a very reasonable entrance fee and in return offer you rooms and rooms full of interesting artefacts and pieces of history. Local galleries like Swakopmund’s Fine Art Gallery also give you a taste of the Namibian art world without costing you your day’s budget.

Photo by Fine Art Gallery, Swakopmund. "Aloe asperifolia - Namib Flora" by Christine Marais (1935 -2012).

10. Stargazing


Namibia is one one of the best stargazing destinations on the planet, number 3 on the list at afar.com. In most places you visit in Namibia, you will quickly realise how clear the skies are at night. If you’re camping in the bush like at Mopane Village Lodge, come dusk, the night sky will transform into a mesmerising display of stars, offering the perfect show to wind down after a day filled with activities. One of the most iconic details of a trip to Namibia is the stillness of the evenings when you’re out in nature. The crackling of the fire and the chatter of your friends may be the only sounds you hear, something that keeps visitors coming back to Namibia.

There are many Namibian activities that are totally worth the price, providing you with once-in-a-lifetime experiences and memories. Go for it! However, you can stretch your budget and do even more if you also consider these almost-free experiences and activities the country has to offer.

If you’d like more information on affordable activities and accommodation in Namibia, please contact us via e-mail, cell, Facebook or Instagram.

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